Mindvalley Supercoach Summit


At the end of June, we participated in this year’s Mindvalley Supercoach Summit. Not only was it a unique event to see some of the world’s top coaches such as Lisa Nichols, Paul McBrenna or Ajit Nawalkha live – it was also an opportunity to network and exchange with other certified Mindvalley coaches from around the world.

We are currently preparing a new catalogue of both Lifecoaching and Business Coaching Services with Legado Sharpe & Fischer and this feels like the „missing piece of the puzzle“. Communication strategies and business strategies should be aligned in an ideal case, but often this is not the case. On many occasions, communications is still treated as an „add-on“ or there is a lack of internal communications to have all the staff members of an organisation aligned towards the same goals. We also know that strong and centred „leader coaches“ are required to guide their entire team towards great results and impact. In this sense, we are convinced that self development and coaching are part of any succesful organisation or entrepreneur and are very happy to accompany our clients in this process.

So watch out for more news to come on this soon or contact us if you would like to find out more!

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