Social Media and Web

We draft digital communication strategies, manage different social media accounts in various languages or develop new websites from the scratch for our clients. This also involves the preparation of infographics, posters and videos to accompany the messages.

  • Development of a social media campaign „Month of Mentoring“ for the Commonwealth Local Government Forum
  • Preparation of social media contents, website management and strategic advice for the MEP Estrella Durá
  • July 2019 – December 2023 social media management (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for the CEMAS (World Centre for Sustainable Urban Food of València)
  • Social media management (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin) for Polibienestar (Institute of the University of Valencia specialised in international social and health projects)
  • Social media strategy for Valencia, world sustainable food capital 2017 (in cooperation with FAO)
  • Evaluation of social media activities of the POCTEFA Interreg programme
  • Social media messages for España Discovery
Event Moderation and Facilitation