The communication tools we develop include a variety of different publications, from longer analytical reports to leaflets, newsletters or blog posts.

Recent publications:

  • A series of three cartoons (in cooperation with the artist Florent Kassai) and several web articles on gender-based violence in the Centralafrican Republic

  • Story-telling publication concerning transnational cooperation in the German region of Baden-Württemberg
  • Drafting of an 8-pages final leaflet on the Agropol project concerning cross-border cooperation in food and agriculture for DG AGRI, European Commission
  • Interact newsletter on Interregional cooperation (coordination, drafting of various articles)
  • Four newsletters for the Life Albufera project
  • Rapporteur during the 2016 IETM meeting in Valencia
  • Regular collaboration with Col-lab
Communication Strategies
Media Outreach