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Together with the artist Anneta Santacreu I am currently working on an illustrated children’s book in the tradition of the German „Wimmelbook“. The book follows different protagonists on their journey through the city of Valencia. You can read this book in very different ways and in different languages – discovering the many social, ecological and historical elements of the city.

I had the idea to this book a long time ago because I enjoyed reading Wimmelbooks with my kids and I was missing one for the city of Valencia where we live. However, my own illustration skills are very limited, so I knew I needed a partner to be able to realise this project. And last year, by coincidence I met Anneta Santacreu whom I have known for 13 years now, but we had lost touch lately. It suddenly clicked and we decided to embark on this creative journey together…

So here we are with our crowdfunding call and hope that we will receive a lot of support in the next days and weeks to be able to realise this exciting project.

You can support us here!

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