International women’s day – it is time to celebrate our 10 year and 5 year anniversaries!


2024 marks a special year for me. It has been 10 years of freelance work and 5 years since I created my own multilingual communications agency Legado Sharpe & Fischer SL!
What a journey it has been! I can remember all my fears and doubts when “I launched myself on the market”. Would I have enough clients to support my family and running costs? Would I be able to continue working in the fields that I am passionate about?
Now 10 years on, I can only say: I don’t regret a single minute of it! It has been the best decision of my life! Not only did it make it so much easier to reconcile family and work in a time when remote work didn’t really exist at large scale, but I also constantly keep on learning and trying out new skills, and even manage to find the time to progress with very personal projects, like my first children’s book. Of course, it requires some discipline and establishing routines around efficient work. But I also invested a lot of time in self-development and personal growth these past years, knowing that nobody can do 8h of deep work in a row. So, yoga, mindfulness, sports and socialising with friends and peers have all been part of the programme!
I also have to say thank you to those who gave me an opportunity when I was just starting as a freelancer, in particularly Graziano Di Paola and Diego Teloni with whom I organised the summer school Sumlab for Cohesion Policy Communicators in 2014 and 2015 (great memories!). And of course a huge thank you to my family, team, collaborators and clients in all these years. In the photo gallery below I gathered some best of moments from this 10-year journey! 😊
Today on #InternationalWomensDay #IWDay24 it is also time to give back and support other women in their journey to freedom and a better work-life-balance!
So, I decided to offer TWO FREE COACHING SESSIONS to any woman in the world who feels the calling (you can forward this post to any person who needs to read this!)! I will select the two winners through a lottery in two weeks time. If you are interested, just send me a private message!

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