5 publications on the obstacles of cross-border cooperation in Europe


We have just finalised the production of five publications which summarise the results of the b-solutions project, an initiative launched by the European Commission (DG Regio) in 2017 and implemented by the Association of European Border Regions.

goal was to find solutions to those obstacles that are preventing citizens and businesses alike in border regions from accessing services such as public transport, recruiting personnel or healthcare.

Between 2018 and 2021, four calls for proposals were launched, through which a total of 90 case studies from across Europe were selected
that shed light on the most recurrent cross-border obstacles at present. The case studies dealt with topics such as health, multilingualism,
employment, transport, e-Government and institutional cooperation in general. With the help of legal experts, an in-depth analysis of the cases
was conducted in order to identify sustainable and replicable solutions.

Even though there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution, since local contexts are different and often involve numerous local and national institutions
in different Member States, the project managed to collect good examples for possible solutions that can inspire other regions with similar

Our team of three copywriters – Caitlin Boucher, Carlos Buhigas Schubert and Dorothee Fischer – summarised the results in five publications which are now available for download:

Vorheriger Beitrag
Working with the overseas territories of the EU
Nächster Beitrag
Meeting of the Local Councillor’s Network in Valencia